The Core Values of Sajiran


Our most elaborated intention is to provide a combination of art and technology in order to make a fine and exquisite environment, out of your house or office atmosphere.

In this regard it has always been in our mind to manufacture stylish and suitable products based on the modern attitudes to equip a satisfactory and peaceful environment for our customers.

We are very much concerned about utilizing the best of raw materials to satisfy our customers’ sense of confidence about the products that we have manufactured, therefore we have always tried our best to provide our customers with quality, beauty and applicability in return for the money they pay for our products.

It is believed that working in an exquisite environment, improves the outcome of

the employees and that’s why we believe we are cooperating with you toward your success. On the other hand living in a fine and cheerful environment would provide pleasant moments of peace with your family in which we are also standing by your side.

In this case we try our best to fulfill our mission about your success and joy.

What we are looking for is but a fair and responsive profit so that we would be able to meet the financial demands of a healthy organization in order to keep up with our long term service to our loyal customers.

Keys to success

1. Perfect sensitivity toward the quality of our products: In order to guaranty the quality of our final products the entire elements within the process of production (such as designing, manufacturing, delivering and after sales services) must be under control. In this regard in each of the aforementioned phases the following actions have been applied:


  • Taking advantage of creative personnel through the process of designing
  • Utilizing modern designing devises
  • Paying attention on the ergonomic issues in the process of designing


  • Taking advantage of creative and subtle personnel in manufacturing process
  • Utilizing modern manufacturing devices (automatic machines such as NC and CNC) which are capable to bring the conceptual designs to the actual existence
  • Utilizing information technology (Enterprise Resource Planning system) in order to control supervisory errors
  • Empowering the quality control department, to make sure about perfect inspection on the raw material, semi-manufactured products and the end products.

Delivering and providing after sales Services:

  • Regarding the dimensions of these products the modular approach toward the capability of assembling them where they are supposed to be utilized will make their transportation easy and cost beneficial. In this case, packing the products for safe transportation has always been one of our main concerns so that the quality of these products would be kept safe as they were meant to be.
  • Checking the number of items in every package would be done based on the exact information obtained from our Mechanized Information System.
  • In order to satisfy our customers’ best intentions, other than having supervision over the entire manufacturing phases until delivering the products, these products are guarantied and are covered by after sales services. The information system of the company easily provides the possibility of tracing the already sold and utilized items in each and every product for after sales services department.

2. Following the Purposeful Marketing Strategies of the Company: We need to know the customers who are concerned about the beauty and comfort of their furniture within their houses or offices, and at the same time we need to make sure that they are also aware of our presence in this market. In addition we need to collect and analyze their demands and ideas in order to have a straight forward movement in the market. The marketing strategy of this company has been codified based on this attitude and we hope to achieve our immense goals by the absolute implementation of this strateg.