Sajiran at a glance


The arrival of personal computers into the lives of human beings and the daily developments of utilizing this product within the offices and houses has made a new issue among the office furniture manufacturers. Although some of home and office furniture manufacturers have produced a limited number of models for computer tables but none of them practically had a professional approach toward producing computer tables.

Regarding this requirement, Sajiran Company began its activities by focusing on designing and producing computer tables in 1996. The distinguished qualifications of Sajiran products such as strong body of the tables made up of the metal profile, using melamine coated particle board and melamine coated MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) boards, using resistant coating of electrostatic powder colors, adjustable height and ergonomic design make the products of Sajiran different from the ones of other local and overseas companies.

At the same time, the modular designation of these tables provides the capability of manufacturing these products in different models with a variety of options. It must be mentioned that the very name of this company is taken from this qualification of its products which is first letter of the Persian words for Detachable Joint System plus Iran (SAJ+Iran).

Applying the most modern and updated management methods by the chief supervisors and managers of Sajiran, has led to the rapid and balanced pace of development of this company so far. The achievement of ISO9001:2000 certificate from RWTUV in autumn 2002 is a result of the whole personnel’s efforts to practice this type of quality management which shall be considered as a sample achievement of this perspective.

The considerable attention that the chief managers of this company pay on the basics of quality management in the fields of designing and production, has also led to the daily development of quality in this company in terms of service and production and consequently is provided the capability of achieving the crystal statue for the best office furniture quality, in the thirteenth Home and Office Exhibition HOFEX in 2004.

The development programs of this company have enlarged the variety in all product groups such as computer tables, office furniture, files and partitions after the thirteenth exhibition. However, this vast range of developments have caused inefficiency in after sales support and production planning workflows; therefore a series of executive investigations have been made in order to find out new and effective methods to solve this difficulty. Analyzing the present situation in the first steps clarified that taking advantage of Information Technology (IT) can increase the accuracy and speed of the activities and solve the problems in most of the processing fields. However, the complicated process of Production planning, the great number of semi manufactured products and time limitation in product delivery made the present software in the market incapable of solving the aforementioned problems of the company.

At this stage the need for establishment of an IT department in the company was quite tangible. By establishment of this department and employing experts in this field the company began to produce a tailor-made (Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP system based on the requirements of the company and by means of a rather considerable investment in this field. This project was started in autumn 2004 and was perfectly finalized in spring 2007 in the form of 18 subsystems.

Having such a capable and flexible system that could cover the whole activities of the company opened the way for further and greater developments. In this situation by means of the available production and management support, the idea of enlarging Sajiran’s accessing over the local markets and at the same time exporting these products to other countries, looks no more out of reach. This claim shall be certified by the achievement of the golden plate and the statue of the best company in the field of manufacturing office furniture from the Exporters’ Union in HOFEX 2009.

Based on these achievements investments and establishment of production line for home products was also completed in winter 2010 to enlarge Sajiran’s market. The products of this section would be shown off for the first time in HOFEX 2010 in a separated site.

Paying more attention to the overseas markets such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Aljazeera along with the local markets has affected the selling strategies, management and fundamental structures of this company. As a result, these elements have caused Sajiran to be selected as the top standing company with high exporting capabilities in HOFEX 2010.