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Having more than 25 years of experience in designing and producing office furniture and partition, Sajiran Company is creating beautiful and vibrant environment in small and large companies and organizations by combination of art, science and technology.

Sajiran by taking advantage of Skilled and experienced personnel, A production area of 8,000 square- meter, an exhibition space of 850 square-meter, using of European day machines and exploiting broadest agents networking all across the country, could provide all that is required to equip an office ambient with respect to different tastes.

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Telephone Company: 43870 Tehran

About Sajiran Administrative Partition

Sajiran offers customers a wide range of products in its products basket in order to meet the diverse requirements of our customers considering the wide variety of projects, including:

  • Various types of office furniture including various management tables, executive, workstations, negotiations and conferences, wardrobes, libraries, drawers and also a various types of furniture and office chairs.
  • Double-glazed composite partitions of wood, aluminum or glass with galvanized metal structure.

About Sajiran Standards

Along this path, people changing lifestyles made us to  (LIFE STYLE) since 1383, we have decided to design and implement ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) in order to provide Sajiran customers with better products and services therefore, in this regards implementation of CAD / CAM methodology in design and producing the products have always been on our agenda. In addition, by using these infrastructures and appropriate platform for make to order projects, enable us to represent a wide range of products massively to respond to the needs of Sajiran customers. (LEAN PRODUCTION).

Sajiran office furniture

Professional managers always try to create a comfortable, cheerful and standardize work environment for their employees. An environment where employees, not only are comfort they are also satisfied and interested to their work. As by the boosting employees satisfactory, the sense of self-esteem is enhanced, as a result, it causes to better performance and interaction in the workplace. An environment in which employees have got decent feeling and they live more than they work.

About Sajiran

Sajiran Company with this prospect and aiming to create a calm and vibrant environment for both managers and personnel with lively work environments.

Certificates – the best at design and manufacture Office furniture and partition exhibitions,

– Statues and …: The image is displayed.

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